Never Iron Anything The Comics Review Show.

Episode 133 - Nottingham Comicon Panel with Roger Langridge.

October 31, 2022

'What makes a good AutoBio Comic?'

This week we have something a little different from the podcast. Tony, Al and Eamonn have been on the road. Nottingham Comicon kindly offered the boys a slot to host a panel on Autobiographical Comics. So along with guest and comics professional Roger Langridge they get into why we are so obsessed with the lives of others. 

FYI - This is a live panel - but the quality is still pretty good.

You can read Roger's comics for free here. Then go and buy a copy at this splendid page!

You can have a listen to Eamonn on his podcast right here and buy copies of DUI 2 right here.

You can also stalk Mr Henderson and grab copies of his brilliant daily Penned Guin strips right here.

Many thanks for listening. 


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