Never Iron Anything The Comics Review Show.

Episode 119 - Robert Crumb!

April 8, 2022

This week Tony is re-joined by Alan Henderson and Eamonn Clarke to discuss the thorny subject of underground comics creator Robert Crumb.

Whilst focusing on Crumb's collection 'The Book of Mr. Natural' the boys also discuss the creators other works, impact, styles and subject matter. Is it satire? How can these comics be read? A balanced and fair discussion takes place but with very adult themes. 

Warning - This episode covers themes of sexual violence.

For more about Alan and his Penned Guin comics you can follow him here on Twitter and find his books at his store here.

You can also listen to Eamonn every other week at the Mega City Book Club right here and follow him on Twitter here.

Many thanks for listening. 


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